Ongoing development status

At the moment I am busy with a ISP driver for AF. The dongle is connected to a self made PCB holding the DIP-28 µC for accessing its SPI ports and power supply. Two communication variants are in progres for the time beeing, a serial(RS232) and a parallel(LPT) one. Both of them are simplistic low-cost passive dongles for bit nibbling the information to the controller, they do not facilitate a µC themselves.

The serial version is based on this serial dongle, that is built up on a standard ISO PCB from only a few pices.

Serial ISP adapter

I decided to use this design because it is very easy to build from the scratch for even a novice. On the other hand this dongle needs a good old “real” COM port, not a USB2COM adapter end of a RS232.

The parallel version can be ordered at from and is called BlueMP3/ISP and was meant for a CT project.

BLUE/MP3 Adapter

Please feel free to react on my poll in the Roboternetz Forum about which active dongle or PCB you are using at the moment, where active means “with µC”.