New blog is life and kicking…

My new AsuroFlash blog is up and running. It allows you all to add comments, questions and queries on the cron entries i publish.

Here you can see a screenprint of the good old blog as it loocked before


New updated version of AsuroFlash with ISP Flash support


It took quite a while for this update as I am a quite busy man. There is a beautiful new driver module included with AF allowing you to easily flash the ATMEGA via its ISP interface.
What you have to do is select the ISP serial/parallel Flasher and select the dongle type in the config dialog. You can select dongles for the parallel or serial port interface.

The rest of the game, flashing though, is as easy as you are already used.
– Just click the flash button –
and you are done!


Asuro Flash Release R09 V1.7.11.102

AsuroFlash has a new integrated scripting logic interface!

Click on the icon to activate the “Script View” where you will find two tabs (Tab “Script” and Tab “UI Form”).
Click on the “Load script bubble” to load ScriptExample1.psb or ScriptExample1.psb. Now click on the “Run Script” button and you can see the magic happen…..

Guess everything is quite self descriptive, but if not do not hesitate to contact me via the Thread “Alternative zu Flashnnn.exe”.
There are also some minor changes in the configuration of Term and Oszi.