My other projects kept me busy

Hi readers,

I did not upload a new version since quite a while but the time of waiting has ended now…..
I was quite busy with a project, building a CNC-Mill (Router) from the scratch. And from the scratch means from the scratch! So… now I’ve found some time to fix some minor problems with AF which popped up while developing the firmware of the above mentioned CNC-Mill.
For the ones interested in more details, this is the link to the project: (German Forum) CNC mit Gleichstrommotoren

Because I find the new way of working far more convenient, especially the search panel in place of the search dialog, I want this to be available to you guys/girls out there.

You can find the link to AsuroFlash V1.8.13.110 on the right as usual.

Happy testing
BTW. Comments on AF are welcome.