Asuro Flash Release R09 V1.7.10.99 AvrIsp — a preview GUI release of comming feature in AF


I have released a new version of AF with a fix in the port enumeration logic. All ports will be shown in versions prior to V6 (os prior to WinXP though) and you do not have to edit the config manually anymore.

AF has now a new and convenient way to select the active configuration template in the C++ editor. There is a new combo in the toolbar next to the “make all” and the “make clear” button allowing direct selection of the previousely created config template.

This template will be saved with the current project as <ProjectName>.afcfg and is automatically loaded with the project. You will not have to manually select the template anymore when opening a project and can easily select another one from the existing set of templates available.
Maintenance (creation and editing) of templates is still done in the C++ config dialog.


AvrIsp is a new feature study for AF still in a premature stadia which is released here as some kind of beta field test to allow everyone interested to test this ISP/PP/HVSP tool.

For the time being ISP access is available only due to the lack of PP/HVSP hardware (: I am busy building a STK500 compatible µC PCB for this purpose :) and makes use of the earlier mentioned dongles for a real COM or LPT port.