Asuro Flash Beta 1 Release R09 V1.7.9.86

Beta 1 release

This version is still in beta stadium for the E-Robotix driver.

The driver is tested on the default IrDA communication channel of Asuro and will be capable to flash via
Bluetooth in the final release. Feel free to test the version via the link in the “Downloads” section
on this page.

The new installation includes new sample projects for the asuro-lib in the AsuroLibTest folder (credits to
m.a.r.v.i.n) and a new sample project for the ATMEGA168 processor in the ATMEGA168 directory. To use
the ATMEGA168 project you have to load the configuration settings for the ATMEGA168 processor in the
c++ config dialog. The setting to load is called “ATMega168.afcfg”, which will adjust the make file
propperly allowing building for this processor target.

AFSetup will install the new asuro-lib release v280rc1.

Suggestions are welcome

For suggestions please post your ideas and reports in the Roboternetz forum thread. You will find the most recent version
of AF here on this site from now on.

Happy testing!